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Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: December

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Running through the many gripping and memorable stories the Bible contains is one big story of God’s plan for the world he made, and how he brought it about through Jesus Christ.

Packed with diagrams, illustrations and timelines, this accessible Bible overview unlocks the storyline of the whole Bible – how God promised and then brought about the plan to save our fallen world. But this is no book of arid theological ideas. It is a story that will encourage effective, active Christian living in today's world.

Looking at God's covenantal promises with Abraham, Moses and David, Tim Chester presents the 'big picture'’ of the Bible and helps Christians understand the part in relation to the whole. From Creation to New Creation traces different elements of the promise and introduces:

• A people: God's promise to save a people who will be His people
• A land: God's promise to provide a place of blessing
• A king: God's promise to re-establish his rule of freedom and peace
• The nations: God's promise to bring his salvation to all the peoples of the world.

Buy it from the Good Book Company.

Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: November

Get ready for Christmas! Have you got an Advent book to read through the season - I'm not talking about A Christmas Carol, but something which will open up the wonders of Christmas from God's amazing Word? Why not try Steve Bray's book The Incredible Journey all about God's incredible personal journey to the human race which reaches the amazing climax of Jesus - God with us! A reading everyday from December 1st to January 6th. Buy it from our bookstore.







Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: October

A pricy one this month, but an investment. You can spend a fortune on Bible commentaries which help you unpack the books of the Bible, I don't want to disuade you from doing that, but we don't all have the money or the bookshelving to do it. However you can pick up a brilliant all in one Commentary with contributions from some top theologians who will bring God's Word alive in a very readable way. More reference than a sit down read the New Bible Commentary is not quite as new as it pretends, it has been around for years, but is constantly being updated so that it is the best all in one commentary there is. You need something to help with those times you get stuck or someone asks you a tricky question about a Bible passage and this is the book to own. Put it on your Christmas list. Available from our bookstore.





Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: September

I always love a good sequel, so having read a book you'll actually read on the Old Testament, why not read a book you'll actually read on the New Testament? The same format and two main sections; Answers to nine common questions on the New Testament and How to read the New Testament. In total it clocks in at 86 pithy pages. Buy it from our bookstore.





Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: August

A book youll actually read on the Old TestamentIt all sounds well and good, recomending these books, but will you get time to read them? Well, you will with this month's, after all it is called "A book you'll actually read on the Old Testament". This is one of a series of books written by Mark Driscoll (main speaker at this year's London Men's Convention) so it is written in his punchy, frank and (let's face it) fresh style. It is packed full of good theology in a readable format and clocks in at about 70 small pages so it is easy to get through. Mark will have you smiling despite yourself as you all the while  get a good understanding of the Old Testament and what it's all about, how it fits together with the New Testament and why we still read it.

"On the Old Testament" covers issues like "Who wrote the Old Testament?" "What does J say about the Old Testament?" "How were the Old Testament books chosen as Scripture?" and "How to read the Old Testament." Mark knows his theology but he is used to ministering to men in a tough US city (he is pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle) so don't expect him to be subtle! "A book you'll actually read on the Old Testament" is available from our bookstore.

Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: July

the story UK versionThere you are, sat by the deep blue sea, sunning yourself reading a great novel. Packed full of action, romance, drama, heroes and villans you just know that you've got the best book on the beach! What are you reading? "The Story" - it is the Bible written as one seamless story from beginning to end. It hails from Max Lucado's church (remember 3:16?) and it takes you though the big picture of the Bible like a novel. If you are already using E100 then this will duplicate what you have already looked at, but if not it's a great way to see how God's Salvation Plan slots together.

One niggle to be aware of, the original american version uses the TNIV (Today's New International Version) which was a bit of a foolish attempt to make the Bible politically correct, sometimes at the expense of accuracy and it has really been replaced by the 2011 version of the regular NIV. However, the British version is claiming that it uses the New International Version, so make sure you get the book with cover shown above, not the parchment coloured cover which is the U.S. edition.

Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: June

"How can I understand unless someone explains it to me?" It's the question the Ethioean asks Philip in the New testament book of Acts. We hopefully get fed every week during the sermon and at Fellowship Group, but what about daily? There are lots of great Bible reading notes out there and we are all different so there is no "one size fits all", however "Explore" from the Good Book Company consistently proove themselves to be good - faithful to Scriture, inspiring and challenging and written by a host of skilled and godly men and women.Explore from the Good Book Company

Explore is available from the Christian bookshop in town where you can go and browse through a large selection of alternatives too or you can set up a subscription via the Good Book Company's website.

Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: May

Where is that passage? How do different translations vary? Where can I find everything the Bible saysBible Gateway on a subject? I just want to know a little background to a passage. Getting that kind of information means building up an expensive library of Bibles, reference books and commentaries - or you can log on to Bible Gateway and use the brilliant resources they provide for free. You can search for words, look up passages, check out some background and choose your translations from the UK NIV to the traditional King James Version via The Message. Bible Gateway supplies our verse for the day and you can also sign up to some great free daily devotionals. Visit them here.

Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: April

YHWH The Flood the Fish and the GiantThe Old Testament - it's so dull, so boring, so lifeless. NO WAY! But if that is how you feel, why not get into the exciting rollercoaster ride of the Old Testament with a fresh retelling of some of the stories you think you know and others that you might not. "YHWH - The Flood, the Fish and the Giant" by New York Times best selling author G.P. Taylor (who penned "Shadowmancer" and a whole host of other novels) and Paula K. Parker has a wonderful way of drawing us into the drama of the Old Testament and pointing us to the New Testament and Jesus. Some of you may remember the story of Isaiah which was used in the Advent Carol Service at Alwalton last year - it came from this book. "YHWH - The Flood, the Fish and the Giant" does not replace the Old testament, but it should inspire you afresh to read what God has written there. Aimed at Children (young adults), adults will enjoy it too. Below G. P. Taylor explains why he wrote the book.

Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: March

You've got the timeStruggle to find time to read the Bible? Why not listen instead? Worried about the cost? No need, the Bible Society have launched "You've got the time" where you can download an audio version of the NT for FREE! Then you can listen to the Word of God wherever you are; in the car, walking the dog, jogging, washing the dishes, so no more excuses. "You've got the time" uses the Riding Lights theatre company to provide all the voices and the version read is the Contemprary English Version (CEV).

In just 28 minutes a day (that's a traffic jam on the parkway) you could listen to the entire New Testament in only 40 days. Follow this link to the Bible Society website and download it for free now. But if you don't like free, then - good news! "You've got the time" is essentially an updated and rerecorded version of "Faith comes by hearing" which some of you might be familiar with. Whilst "You've got the time" is free to us, the Bible Society would like to encourage you to donate to the "Faith comes by hearing" project in other parts of the world.

Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: February

Understanding the Bible isn’t for the few, the gifted, the scholarly. The Bible is accessible. It’s meant to be read and comprehended by everyone from armchair readers to seminary students. A few essential insights into the Bible can clear up a lot of misconceptions and help you grasp the meaning of Scripture and its application to your 21st-century life.

FF Bruce wrote, "The Bible records the revelation of the unchanging God; it presents the everlasting Gospel. These are the subject of eternal validity. But the record itself is related to particular times and places - times and places remote from the experience of Bible readers today. If we want to get the most out of the psalms or the parables of Jesus, or the letters of Paul, how can we distinguish what is of abiding relevance from what is purely local and temporary? Or indeed should we think of anything in the Bible as purely local and temporary? I do not remember reading any other book which gave so much help in the answering of these questions as this one does."

"How to the read the Bible for all it's worth has been a great help to many people as they explore further the riches of God's living word and it is available from our bookstore.

You can read a chapter here.


Bible Reading Recomendation of the Month: January

"What's in the Bible" is a brilliant resource from the creators of Vegie Tales. Children (and be honest with yourself - adults too) will love the way these DVD's take you through the Big Picture of the Bible with puppets, live action and computer animation. You'll find yourself discovering all sorts of things you never knew about the Bible in a fun and imaginative way.

"What's in the Bible?" Trailer from Orange on Vimeo.

Your host is news anchor man Buck Denver and he is helped by a great cast of characters who guide him and Phil Vischer (the series creator) through the greatest book in the world.

Purchase the DVD's from our bookstore.

2011 is the 400th anniversary since the publication of the King James Version of the Bible and therefore presents a unique opportunity for the Church to focus its attention on the Word of God. Biblefresh is a movement of churches, agencies, organisations, colleges and festivals which has a vision to reignite and re-enthuse the church in its passion for the Bible. For many in our churches the Bible has become tedious and toxic rather treasured, trusted and true. The aim of the Biblefresh initiative is to encourage a greater confidence and passion for Scripture across the Church.

During 2011 we will be looking at the Big Picture of Scripture, seeing how it all fits together, reveals the one true God and shows us the amazing rescue plan he always intended in Jesus Christ. During this time this page will be regularly updated with information, links and videos, so keep comming back.


An excellent Biblefresh initiative is being brought to you by three leading Bible agencies. The Bible Societies and Scripture Union movements across Britain and Ireland have combined with Wycliffe Bible Translators to create a unique initiative to inspire afresh with the Bible.

The E100 Bible Reading Challenge is based around 100 carefully selected Bible readings (50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament) designed to give participants a good understanding of the overall Bible story from Genesis to Revelation – and to develop a new enthusiasm for regular Bible engagement.