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Sunday 2nd June 201909:00Chesterton Holy Communion
1662 BCP
10:30Alwalton Family Service
Common Worship at St. Andrew's, Alwalton
Monday 3rd June 201919:30Fellowship Group
Wednesday 5th June 201919:45Power Point Prayer Meeting
The joint Prayer Meeting for our churches held at St Andrews Alwalton. All are welcome - pray out loud or in the silence of your own heart, there's no pressure.
Thursday 6th June 201919:45Fellowship Group
Sunday 9th June 201910:30Alwalton Holy Communion
Common Worship
12:00Pentecost International Bring and Share Lunch
To celebrate Pentecost we are going to hold an international Bring and Share Lunch after the service at St. Andrew’s on Sunday 9th June. We are fortunate to have people from lots of different countries in our fellowship so we would love you to bring something from your home country and if you were born in Britain then bring something English, or Welsh, or narrow it down to a Lancashire delicacy or Cambridgeshire delight. Come and help us celebrate the good news of Jesus spreading to all nations.
16:00CTO Pentecost Service
Salvation Army, Matley
17:00Chesterton Evening Prayer
1662 BCP
Monday 10th June 201919:30Fellowship Group
Thursday 13th June 201919:45Fellowship Group
Sunday 16th June 201909:00Chesterton Morning Prayer
1662 BCP
10:30Alwalton Morning Service
Monday 17th June 201919:30Fellowship Group
Thursday 20th June 201919:45Fellowship Group
Sunday 23rd June 201910:30Alwalton Holy Communion
Common Worship
17:00Chesterton Holy Communion
1662 BCP
Monday 24th June 201919:30Fellowship Group
Thursday 27th June 201919:45Fellowship Group
Sunday 30th June 201909:00Chesterton Holy Communion
1662 BCP
10:30Alwalton Praise Service
Common Worship. A relaxed and informal service.
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