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Baptism FAQ's




What’s the difference between Baptism and a Christening?
Baptism is the service in church which many people call a “Christening”.
This is when someone, often a baby, is welcomed into the church community. Adults also come to receive baptism too.
What do I have to do to arrange for a Baptism?
Please see the Contact Us page for details of how to get in touch.
We don’t live in one of the Parishes, does that matter?
It’s good to be welcomed into your local Christian community. If you don’t live in one of our parishes then we ask that you contact your local Church of England vicar and get his or her permission for the service to take place here. This is simply a matter of courtesy. The communities we cover are: Alwalton, Orton Wistow, Orton Northgate, Orton Southgate and Chesterton.
We don’t normally come to church, is that going to be a problem?
No, but we do ask that you attend two services before the baptism so that you and your family feel part of the Church community which you or your child is being welcomed in to.
I’m not baptised, can I still have my child done?
This isn’t a problem, although Godparents do need to have been baptised.
I’m a single parent, is that a problem?
Absolutely not.
We’re not married, will you still baptise our child?
If you’ve had a child together and you’re wanting to commit him or her into God’s care, it sounds like you’re in a pretty stable and long term relationship.
Not being married isn’t a bar to your child’s baptism, but if you’ve got their long-term welfare at heart, maybe now is a good time to think about committing yourselves as a couple into God’s care too.
When do you do Baptism Services?
We only do Baptisms as part of a normal Sunday Service.
At Alwalton this is the first, third or fifth Sunday at 11am.
At Chesterton this is the first, or third Sunday at 9.15am.
What will it cost?
Nothing although some families like to make a donation to the church.
What if I’m not sure that I actually believe in God?
Good question. Sometimes the pressure to have a child baptised comes from outside – parents, friends, relatives e.t.c.
If you’re not sure that you’d feel comfortable publicly declaring a faith in God that you haven’t got then we offer a Service of Thanksgiving and Naming. This is an authorised Church of England service where your child will be named and given thanks for but where there are no expectations placed on you and where your child is also then at liberty to make their own decision about following God for themselves when they have grown up a little.
More general information can be found on the Church of England's website.
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