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Extraordinary times call for a change in the way we do things so for a time we will have to explore a new way of doing church and a new way of being church. 

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Resources to help, inspire and encourage We will recommend some great books for adults and children to read as well as video resources all of which can be ordered online to help you in your spiritual walk should we have to lockdown or self-isolate.

Worship in a new way We can still worship as individuals or as families, or as a fellowship. The weekly service can be part of that and there are lots of online services available too. Peterborough Cathedral is uploading a service at around 9.30am on YouTube. If you want to join in a live service of worship on a Sunday from home then St Andrew the Great in Cambridge (10.00am, 11.45am and 5.00pm) will be live-streaming their services. Just click on the church name in blue to be taken to the service pages. We all have more time available to us as we stay at home, so use that time well and read some great Christian literature, watch or listen to great Christian teaching from the internet, read your Bible and pray. If you have children then include them too and the weekly email will have links to resources for all ages: adults and children alike.

Helping others now There are many other things that we can do even if we cannot meet together - we are a church fellowship; a family of Helping our neighbours cardbelievers, brothers and sisters in Christ. Please use this time to call one another, Facetime, or Skype. It's very tempting to email or text (and that is still fine for business needs) but for social purposes, for the pastoral care of one another, a real human voice is so much better. If we are struggling then turn to your brothers and sisters in the Lord and love and care for each other.

That does not mean we are a closed community - now is the time when we can serve Christ by caring for and loving our neighbour too. We should be thinking about how we can care for those nearby who are vulnerable, or who may become vulnerable. Perhaps you want to call round to your neighbour's and offer to help if they need you - remember to wash your hands well first and keep your distance on the doorstep. Download a "Here to help" card to print off and add your details so that your friends and neighbours know how to reach you if they need to.

And when we go shopping let's be wise and sensible, making sure we are leaving plenty for those coming behind us. Don't forget the work of the FoodBank and the Light Project.

Prayer Pray for each other, the situation in the world and our country. Pray for frontline carers. Pray for the hope of Jesus to shine in the current climate of fear and uncertainty.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be prayed for, submit an online prayer request.

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus It's very easy at times like this to become despondent and depressed, but we have an all-powerful, all-loving God who has already rescued us from the dominion of darkness and death if our faith is in Christ. Why not start your day with Olly Knight's live stream "Come sing with me". Olly led the worship on our week at the Keswick Convention last year. Every weekday morning between 8.30am and 9.00am (ending in time for those of you working from home to start) he is leading a time of sung worship (his own compositions and traditional hymns for copyright reasons, so there is something for everyone), Bible reading, prayer and reflection from his home. If you can't join in live the video is available all day. Olly's plan is to have "Family Friday" where children are involved too. Please note: it always starts slightly before the official start time so don't worry if it seems a little chaotic at the beginning - especially on Family Friday!

You can hold a simple act of worship during the week using the Church of England's specially designed order of service for midweek worship at home.

Giving to your churches If your practice was to give weekly during the service then this will obviously not be possible whilst services are suspended, however, our running costs will still be there. If you would like to give via your bank by setting up a standing order or a one-off payment then please use the links below to find the information you need. We are not sure that we will be able to reclaim the Gift Aid on these donations so please see this as a temporary way of supporting your church and then explore the Parish Giving scheme with your church Treasurer when things get back to normal.


Giving to St. Andrew's, Alwalton



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Giving to St. Andrew's, Alwalton
Giving to St. Andrew's, Alwalton

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